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Let's start from the beginning. IMVU was founded over several years ago, and initially allowed little more than the ability to chat using avatars in the personal three-dimensional environments. Now it is one of the main role of IMVU, and the first thing we perform after the registration will be building the online alter ego. You can take at a little simple character models, that could therefore be readily modified, outfit with examine. At the beginning we develop a fairly small but sufficient clothing and credits for which we can immediately get a little extra in store. One of the tasks in the starting course on the game includes the first visit to the three-dimensional the chat room, exactly where we might find the first colleagues within the planet of IMVU Credits.

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IMVU is mostly an active community of builder and designers. Yes, yes - nearly all the sport intents with house has been created by the consumers themselves. Every player may purchase way in the Creator Education Foundation and learn how to design clothes, furniture, hairstyles and the many places then sell them inside the shop toward some other users. Each sale provides loans, that later can invest on their own needs. There is one catch: as a designer you need to "believe" their nickname - also gathered in the beginning of the amount of loans to this of course is not enough, so it is necessary investment real cash.

IMVU places to each person exploiting the traditional tricks. Pet repeatedly to provide for and perform with him, for being healthy and content - in addition well-being regarding your dog directly turns into Bonus credits that people develop the amusement. Game must stay at least from time to time to return: for example, in Ravenwood Fair from long absence, the carefully grubbed clearing wherever we leave the rational begins to overgrow forest, the toilets are overflowing, with draws with cotton candy jacket with ivy; while gaming OMGPOP for normal login to receive bonus coins.

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